Adams Commercial Plumbing & Gasfitting specialise in all areas of the industry which includes Commercial Plumbing & Gasfitting. We have many High rise buildings, resorts, Aged Care Nursing Homes, Theme Parks, and Government agencies we look after either through periodic maintenance programs or emergency breakdowns. Our technicians carry all the appropriate parts require to keep our cliental operating without the unnecessary down time. We have equipment to complete work on various types of pipework and pumps.

  • Periodic Servicing of Hot water plants
  • Installation and repairs of hot water plants
  • Servicing of UV & TMV systems
  • Sterilization of warm water systems
  • Servicing of Circulating pumps
  • Replacement and or repairs to Coestherm pipe work
  • Repairs, Rebuilds, breakdowns of Raypak Type B Hot water boilers
  • Servicing of package burners
  • Installation of Instantaneous hot water plants
  • Servicing & Installation of Bermad & Reduction valves
  • Type B Installation & servicing